Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Watching the Fall and I'm thoroughly freaked out.

I've been sucked back into watching shows on Netflix. I've been blowing through House of Cards and decided to take a little break and start watching the Fall.

I love a good mystery/thriller. I especially love to be freaked out by a movie or tv show, except when it's time for bed and I have nightmares. I didn't expect the Fall to freak me out but I was very wrong. I'm weird in that paranormal and alien stuff freaks me out more than serial killers. That is probably not normal.

The Fall is an exception. Ten minutes into the first episode I was thoroughly freaked out and really thankful that I do not live alone. If I watched this back when I lived in my studio I would have had a hard time falling asleep. The cats do not help because if they aren't asleep they look up at every noise and I automatically start to panic. I only slept well because Derek was right there and we have bars on our windows (first floor city living baby!)

The Fall is a crime drama about a senior police office investigating murders in Belfast, Ireland. I think what freaked me out so much is watching the serial killer stalk his next victim. Throughout the whole episode he is stalking this young professional woman and he looks like a completely normal guy. He has a wife and two kids and works as a counselor. 

And good news ladies! The actor who is playing the serial killer in the Fall is none other than Jamie Dornan, you future Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Perfect casting. Jamie does some expert creeper stalking in the Fall.

Run agent Scully RUN!


  1. Bleh! It's not a good idea for me to watch creepy shows by myself. No thank you

  2. Ohhh, when you said "The Fall" I thought you meant the Lee Pace movie and I was confused. I mean, it's sad but not really creepy.

  3. That sounds pretty good! Are the characters just based in Ireland or is it an Irish show? :)

  4. Oh, and feel free to check out my blog, too! :)