Sunday, April 20, 2014

The great Easter freak out

I was a very dramatic child. I refused to believe it for a long time but I have finally admitted that it's true. My mother would often say things like "you should be an actress because that was quite the performance". This was usually when I didn't want to do dishes (my most hated chore) and faked ailments such as my earlobe hurting.

When I was a child I loved stuffed animals. I barely had any room on my bed because I had all my stuffed animals piled in bed with me and sometimes a real live cat or two. Every Easter the Easter Bunny would put a stuffed animal in my Easter basket. Forget the chocolate, the plastic eggs and the bubbles - I wanted a new stuffed animal. One year my mother decided to skip out on the stuffed animal and I had a full on melt down.

My mother felt horrible. She tried to give me this bunny toy she had gotten for the cats but I was having none of it because it was not "mine". You would think that at some point I would have gotten over it and eaten some candy but no. I was upset and crying for the whole day. My mother called it the ambulance cry because it sounded like the sound an ambulance would make. 

I'm pretty sure that cry inspired the phrase "call the whambulance".

My mother got me a stuffed animal the next day and all was well in the world. She never left out a stuffed animal again.


  1. Oh parents, they never seem to understand that kids just love consistency. The moment you change things up is the moment you're just asking for an ear-shattering meltdown.

    1. ha ha so true. She had it coming.