Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marathon Monday recap: bullhorns, flag pants and a drunk bartender.

Yesterday was one of my favorite events in Boston - Marathon Monday. It's also one of the biggest drinking days in Boston. My neighbors were up and yelling and drinking by 8:15 in the morning. Waaaaaay too early. There was a bullhorn involved and pants with an American flag print, and I almost murdered someone.

I waited until noon to start because I can't have a liquid breakfast. I also don't own tacky American flag pants or a bullhorn which must be a requirement for morning drinking.

I've been going out in Washington Square to cheer on runners on for the past few years and continued that tradition this year. And by cheer on I mean drink beer and yell "woooooooooooo!"

We tried to make it across the street to get to Washington Square Tavern but there were so many runners this year we couldn't find a safe way to make it across. The last thing I'd want is to take out a runner because I had to get to a bar.

We ended up at Barcelona where we managed to snag a seat outside. It took us forever to get drinks. I can understand a wait because it's Marathon Monday but I feel like the restaurant did not prepare for the amount of people. It's the Marathon and you're a bar on the marathon route, all hands on deck folks.

One of the bartenders was clearly drunk and the other bartender had to tell him multiple times where he needed to start take drink orders. There were glasses breaking and confusion. We nicked named drunk bartender "the bro". A few winks and sexual innuendos later we finally got our drinks. I think he said something like "I didn't forget about you guys, this is just the tip and it's gonna feel good once it's all in." Ugh.

I should have worn sunblock and did not so now my arms are burnt. I did have sunblock on my face though but my freckles are out in full force.

Despite the look on Derek's face this is water. Marathon drinking requires lots of water.

My co-worker Kerri came out. She will probably hate me today. 

I made it until about 6 pm and then I had to go. Too much beer and sun and not enough water. At least I know my limits.

I have a busy week ahead. My friend Monica is visiting and I have to get ready for St. Thomas next week. I am so excited for this vacation. Let's hope my sunburn heals in time.


  1. Aw, glad it was fun and went so well this year! I can't do heavy day drinking either. I think drinking needs to occur in air conditioning.

    1. I agree! Being out in the sun does not help.

  2. This sounds like an awesome time, minus the DudeBro bartender!

    1. He was mildly entertaining. More annoyed by how slow service was.

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