Monday, May 26, 2014

Camping at Sandy Pond

I'm back from camping and drying my tent in my living room. The cats think it's a cat fort.

The weather was a little cooler than I would have liked it to be but it was bearable. I'd rather not be sweltering camping with no fans. It rained off and on most of the weekend.

Water and beer, the essentials. You can buy beer and wine on the camp ground. I think for the Fourth of July camping trip I'm going to make sangria.

Who invited the hipster bunny? I loved these light up glasses. I also colored in a coloring book. There's something very therapeutic about coloring. My future children are probably going be like "mom, we don't want to color anymore!" I did not bring the coloring book. There was a two and a half year old camping.

I ate so much great food. We had a shrimp boil one night, corn on the cob, burgers and dogs, so many snacks and roasted marshmallows. I should probably eat a few salads this week.

Back to work tomorrow but I had a great long weekend.

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