Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's like you're crying from my mouth

Dinner and drinks at Eastern Standard last night. Is it weird that my favorite part of Eastern Standard is the hall the leads to the bathrooms? It's just so fancy and pretty. I think the hall connects to the Hotel Commonwealth.

My friend Melissa and I have had this weird thing we say to eachother - "It's like you're crying from my mouth". It makes no sense and I can't even remember where it came from. It might have been us poking fun at Twilight and we were probably intoxicated. As I was walking to the bathroom at Eastern Standard I came across this art work and started cracking up. Can I get my own copy please?
I tried a "classic" Miller Lite at Cornwalls. I then grew a very classic 80s stache.

I've been having dreams about moving and houses lately. I'm not sure what that means. Last night I had a dream that I moved into a giant house but it was haunted. I had a young child and I was nervous because the railings were just falling off in the house. Someone also kept slitting the screens and I was worried about the cats escaping. I went into the basement to do laundry (really? I'm dreaming of doing laundry?) and saw a strange man walk by out of the corner of my eye. I freaked out and told Derek I wanted to leave. He didn't want to. I told him I didn't want to leave either because we had laundry in our actual own home but I also couldn't stay in a home where a strange man was walking around the basement.

I guess the lesson here is I am really desperate for laundry "in unit".


  1. Possibly the most accurate art for a silly phrase I've ever seen.