Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I don't need your "for her" prdocuts I need products that work

Jezebel has an article about how women's razors are a total racket and they absolutely are. The article got me thinking about products marketed towards women and how they stand up to the men's version.

First of all I don't need a pink razor with sparkles. I need a razor that works and the fact is that men's razors work better. Don't our legs deserve a close shave? Do I need to smell like a vanilla ocean breeze after shaving? No one is sniffing my legs (that I'm aware of).

Let's move onto deodorant. Men's deodorant works better than women's. Are our armpits too delicate for stronger deodorant? I don't normally wear men's deodorant because I can't be distracting myself smelling like a sexy dude. It does works better though.

Bic decided that women needed their own pens.

Thank God because I was sick and tired of those manly pens that my delicate lady fingers could barely hold. If only the ink was in glitter I'd be truly happy with my lady pen.

Now since I haven't tried a "for her" pen I can't say if they are better or worse than old fashioned manly pens.

All I want is a basic product that works and doesn't smell like a Yankee Candle store explosion. Is that too much to ask? If you're going to make a "pretty" pink razor then at least make sure it works as well as the men's version.


  1. Pink is a very expensive color.

  2. Pens for her is probably one of the dumbest and most condescending product ideas ever.

  3. You need to read the Amazon reviews. They are priceless:


  4. Pens for her? Please! My husband does all of my writing for me.

    1. as he should so you can live your life as a lady of leisure!

  5. I use men's razors because they work! The pink ones don't shave as close or last as long. It's just like the debate about boy toy and girl toys or even colors. I just want a good product!

  6. I use colored pens at the office to distract me from work place stress. Also I may or may not be color coordinating them with my outfits. I don't think anyone has caught on.