Friday, June 20, 2014

The theme is random animals and ugly paintings

Here are a few quotes said while packing up our office to be painted and have new carpet installed.

"Anyone need a horse. I have a lovely one right here."

"Tea time. Would you like a cuppa tea?"

"Can you help me move the Pepto Bismol painting?"

"I think that painting needs to have an accident if you know what I mean."

"Can you make my desk have an accident too? Like one that would require me to get a new one?"

"Oh yes this is a painting of my favorite war...the um Mexican one?"

"G is leaving, let's rifle through her stuff and take the good things."

"If I ever leave I'm taking those lion statues with me."

Our decor makes absolutely no sense but we have a lot of statues of animals and very ugly paintings.

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