Sunday, July 13, 2014

HD Vision Night Vision miracle working glasses

I was out getting my drank on last night when this infomercial came on the tv in the bar. Obviously I made Derek watch too because I needed someone else to see this awesomeness.

I don't wear glasses so I have some very important questions. Are you guys all driving around not being able to see anything at all? I mean the people in this infomercial are all like "I was so scared to drive at night because I couldn't see anything and now with these very fashionable glasses I have x-ray vision!" or something like that. The before and after view is kind of scary. That's not glare, that's you need a stronger prescription for your glasses. No worries though, these HD Vision Night Vision Wraparound glasses will solve your vision problems and give you your life back.

I will say meemaw looks so happy to have her vision back. It brought a little tear to my eye.


  1. Night driving + glasses = bad
    Night driving + glasses + xenon lights = we're all gonna die!
    At least that's been my experience

    1. But these glasses solve everything right? At least they look very fashionable.

    2. I would wear them even if they made my vision worse

  2. Replies
    1. if they were 9.99 I would say NO SIR these can't work but you don't charge $10.00 for a product that doesn't work.