Friday, August 22, 2014

Bad luck always comes in threes

I really wish the universe would give my mother a break. First she had to put her boyfriend's dog to sleep after he bit the dog sitter. When Tony was in the hospital they had to put Sam the dog with his sitter due to his aggression towards my mother when Tony was not around. Even though the sitter agreed to continue to watch Sam my mother and Tony did not feel it was right to have her do that and risk being bitten again. My mother felt horrible about this. Tony passed not long after Sam was put down. He never made it back home from the hospital. Tony and Sam's ashes were mixed together which I know Tony would have been happy about. He loved his dog. 

After Tony passed I brought Mr. Binx back to live with my mother. He was her cat and I took him in when she and Tony first moved in together due to Mr. Binx and Sam not getting along. Not long after Mr. Binx was back with my mom it was discovered during a routine checkup that he has a hernia pushing on his heart and lungs. He is doing ok and probably has had it for a long time but they are recommending surgery to repair it. My mother is trying to save as much money as she can to move since the house was Tony's. This surgery will cost thousands but the results are usually good. She can't lose her cat now after all of this.

I wish I could help more financially but she is having a yard sale this weekend and I plan on bringing some stuff for her to sell that she can put towards Mr. Binx. I was also considering a crowd funding page but I'm sure there are many other people who need help with their pet's medical needs. I also don't know if she would be upset with me asking for donations. Hopefully the stuff I sell can contribute something to the bill.

Now what is the third thing you might be wondering? Well my aunt was diagnosed with cancer around the same time Tony went into the hospital. My aunt is currently in the hospital for a few weeks trying a new treatment as the last one did not work. So I'm counting that as the third thing universe. Enough already!

So if you have a moment maybe direct some positive thoughts my mom's way. I think she could use it.


  1. Geez, that is a tough string. Hopefully the "three things" limit is still in place. Good thoughts to your mom, your aunt, and Mr. Binx!

  2. Wow. That's a heavy load to be dealing with. Best wishes to all the good people and pets.