Monday, August 25, 2014

Do you have "it"?

It's been a long time since I've done a photo post.

There are quite a few neighborhood cats. They are all very friendly and will come over for a pet or two. This guy I call Ben. Bosco is not allowed outside because I am way to nervous about something happening to him.

Derek got me an orchid. I love it. I've named her Agusta. I really hope I don't kill it. I've been reading up on orchid care.

Some yard sale treasures. I don't know where my mother got these sunglasses from or why no one bought them but they are mine now. And they fit my face! No sliding down or pinching.

I thought the pin was pretty even though I don't wear pins. I'll have to go somewhere fancy that requires a scarf and a pin.

I watched It this weekend, the silent from 1927 starting Clara Bow not the creepy clown It.

Do you have "it"?

"That quality possessed by some which draws all others with its magnetic force. With 'It' you win all men if you are a woman and all women if you are a man. 'It' can be a quality of the mind as well as a physical attraction."

I like the last part. "It" can be a quality of the mind as well as a physical attraction." I've said this many times to people feeling down on their looks. Attraction is not always purely looks based. There's always that guy or girl who may look average but people are drawn to them because of their personality.

Clara Bow is adorable in this movie. I'm a fan.

I was cracking up to myself over the "dialogue".

I think I should talk like I'm from the 20s. I'll say things like "hot socks" and "I'll take the snap out of your garters yet!"

Ah yes, Sunday night boredom. I made a faux hawk with my pony tail. I kind of look like a fem dude.


  1. Ah, neighbourhood cats. I wish that my neighbourhood had more of them. I used to have a long walk to school, with many stops along the way for petting kitties.

    I love old expressions. I think I'd pick the 1930's for myself, if I had to choose a favourite style-time, but that's mostly for the cars.

    1. Oh yes the cars from the 30s were great!

  2. all of these are very pretty pictures (*^ ^*)

  3. Well that was fun.

    I love the description of "It". I don't know if I have "it", but I would like to. And yes, I know people that do. Looks aren't everything.

    Speaking of looks, I'm torn between you looking like a femme dude or a butch chick.