Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I hate the Mass Pike

I mean does anyone love the Mass Pike? Yes it's a convenient highway but when you are charged to use a road I am not a fan.

I was visiting my mother yesterday for her birthday. We went to the movies and saw As Above So Below. I was glad to get a break from the moving insanity that was happening in my neighborhood. I take the Pike to get to her house as it's the quickest route. On my way home when I came to the first toll where you grab a ticket there was no one at any of the ticket booths. I kept looking and looking and I just drove through because I can't stop in the middle of the highway. When I get to the toll collector I tell her why I don't have a ticket and she tells me that I have to pay $5.50 since I don't have a ticket. Are you kidding me? I explained to her that there was no one handing out tickets at the last toll and she basically said they must have been switching shifts and there is nothing she can do. The rage I felt was Hulk level. I was pissed.

So the Mass Pike can kiss my ass. I shouldn't have to pay to use a road in the first place and now you charge me extra for your employees not being where they are supposed to be.

At least I got to hang with Mr. Binx. Animals are a good stress reliever.


  1. That's some top level BS right there!

  2. Don't fret. Although the tolls themselves won't be going away, the toll booths will! In the next few years, the state will be converting to high-speed tolls over the main part of the highway and getting rid of the toll plazas. So you'll need to either get a FastLane transponder or get a bill in the mail (they will take a photo of your license and bill you for the toll).