Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Sandy Pond summer send off

Tomorrow is September people, how did that happen?! I'm glad I got one more short camping trip in.

There's a small trail at the campground and Derek and I have been saying that we were going to do it at some point and we finally did it this camping trip. It was really short but had some nice views.

I have no idea who's hat this is.

Um yep, I'm super pale. Sunblock up baby.

Last time I played washer toss I did well but it hurt my arm a bit. I think I need to pump more iron.

Uncle Scott learning cat's cradle.

Crafts for the kiddies.

Here is my free yard sale sweatshirt. I did not go to BC. It's warm and has a hood and that's all that matters. Do I look like a college kid? They are all moving back in this weekend and driving me insane.

And now gather round as Derek shows us the art of making a marshmallow stick.

We won camping with this right here guys.

The campground had a breakfast in the morning. I don't have enough pancakes in my life.

So I tried to pop a squat in the woods and peed on my shoe. Ugh gross. I'm just not good at peeing in the woods. I used the bathroom after that. I was being lazy and didn't want to walk down and so as a result of my laziness I get pee on my shoe.

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