Thursday, October 2, 2014

Justin Bieber keychain vs. thongs. This is turning into Spy vs. Spy

Right before we were going away to St. Thomas this past spring Derek lost his house key. If we lose the key we can't just make a copy with mine we actually have to go to the property management company and get a new one. They charge a ridiculous fee for this too. I ended up finding the key in the dryer days later but threatened to get him an obnoxious keychain if he ever lost it again. He doesn't like to use a key chain and so the key is much more likely to get lost.

Well today Derek lost his key again. I just started looking for the perfect keychain for him when he found his key. Damn I was really liking this Justin Bieber one.

The problem is if I actually ever do get an obnoxious keychain for Derek he's threatening to buy me thongs. I hate thongs. I just find them really uncomfortable and refuse to wear them. Good on you if you like to rock them. I wish I found them comfortable.

He will not use a keychain and I will not wear a thong.

Sigh, this is turning into Spy vs. Spy


  1. A solid game of Rock-Paper-Scissors is the only way to settle this.

  2. I do not wear thongs, flannel or otherwise. If VPL is a crime against fashion, then go ahead and throw me in jail.