Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Apple, we have a problem

My mother called me around 7 this morning to tell me something very important. Last night she had purchased what she thought were sweet peppers for her salad and instead bought very hot peppers. Her hands were still burning this morning from cutting them. I tried hard not to laugh and told her to try rubbing her hands on some potatoes. Honestly I don't really know what to do in that situation but potatoes seemed like something that might help. She went the milk route which seems like a better idea than the potatoes now that I think about it.

Two of my co-workers have some beef with Apple. This means I do to because we stick together. One brought her daughter's ipad that had a broken off jack to the headphones stuck inside and the other had a laptop that just died and would not turn on. Apple claimed they had three people try to remove the broken headphone jack but we unsuccessful. They suggest she buy a new ipad. One of our other co-workers ended fixing it in about a minute with a pair of tweezers. Come on Apple. Did you even try? I'm guessing not.

My other co-worker was told it would cost $1,200.00 to fix her laptop. Isn't that the cost of a new laptop? I feel like Apple's solution is to just buy a new Apple product. That solution doesn't work so well for people who don't have all this extra money lying around.

I've been sucked into a new series on Netflix instant.

The 100 is like a futuristic Lord of the Flies. After a nuclear apocalypse the humans that survived took refuge in space stations joined together now called the Ark. Three generations later the Ark is dying and so the juvenile prisoners on board are sent to earth to determine if it's habitable. Yes some of the story lines are predictable and there are quite a few injuries that should have caused deaths yet didn't but it's a fun show. What can I say, I'm a sucker for drama, action and sci-fi.

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