Sunday, February 22, 2015

A night at the @WBostonHotel

When Derek asked me what hotel I wanted to stay at for my birthday I new right away I wanted to stay at the W Hotel in Boston. We've had drinks in their lounge before and I just love the whole vibe of the hotel. It's modern but relaxing. The champagne mojitos are amazing. A+ all the thumbs up.

When we checked in they gave us two drink vouchers to use in the lounge or for room service. In the elevators they have a rug on the floor that says "Good Evening" and yes in the morning the rug is changed out to say "Good Morning". Attention to detail people. I like it.

We stayed on the 11th floor. The hall had this interesting print on the walls that ran the length of the hallway.

I loved the room! The colors were lovely and I told Derek someday when we own our own place we are painting the bedroom these colors. The room was also immaculate.

The tree print there is actually a screen that's attached to the wall. The shower and sink are on the opposite side while the actual toilet part has a separate door. There's a second screen on the other side that you can pull up and down if you want more privacy. If it's up you can see what the person on the other side is doing in the bathroom. "Hey I'm washing my hands! What's up!"

If you look closely you can spot a Derek.

At the lounge we helped some British gents pick woman on tinder. I'm not even kidding. It was actually pretty fun. The bartender took the most expensive drinks off our tab when we gave him our drink vouchers. There's a nice little fireplace in the lounge too.

We did order a bottle of champagne to the room and then we watched some stand up on Comedy Central. I found the bed very comfortable. My only complaint is that you hear a lot of sirens and the walls are pretty thin so I could hear some people talking in the morning. I would definitely stay there again though. Although there isn't really a restaurant at the W you can order food in the lounge or to your room. You're near a ton of restaurants and bars though so you have plenty to choose from. You have Rock Bottom and an Indian restaurant right across the street, there's also a German style beer hall called Jacob Wirth and a delicious Thai place called Montien a stones throw from the hotel.

Where will we stay for Derek's birthday in April? You'll have to wait to find out.

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