Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bad luck charm

I have never been very lucky. I'm not one of those people who win contests or win money on scratch tickets. Yesterday at work my co-worker was telling me about someone she knows who won 10k TWICE in one day off two separate scratch tickets. I mean who does that even happen to?! Not me, that's for sure.

We were inspired though and despite my history as a loser I went with my coworkers to buy scratch tickets. Three of us bought tickets and guess who was the only one who didn't win any money. That's right, ME. Not even a dollar.

Can't wait to take my luck to Vegas next month. Derek better gamble as far away from me as possible. Don't even ask him about the incident at the ghetto slots casino in Newport, RI. I warned him not to let me pick the machine.

Also don't go skiing or snowboarding with me because someone will get injured. It's never been me though so maybe that's some sort of luck? I don't know, I have no control over this.


  1. Those who win generally just double up and lose it anyway. That's how the urinals in Vegas are made of granite.

    1. If I am up at all I cash out and walk away. Last time I was in vegas I was up $20.00 and I cashed out because that's enough for a poolside margarita.