Sunday, September 20, 2015

Allergies for everyone

The cat and I are both on allergy meds right now. Bosco has a swollen lip and I'm a sneezy mess. Derek is the only one not suffering.

If any cat were to have allergies it would be mine. I always end up with the cats that have weird medical problems. My first cat Tigger had asthma. I didn't even know it was possible for cats to have asthma. We had to give him steroids. Roo had skin issues and also had to go on steroids. Boo had to go on thyroid medication. Bosco is FIV positive and has sensitive skin and seasonal allergies.

I think the universe is like since you have all of these medical issues we'll set you up with a kitty who's got some issues too. I never have the cat that you can just throw some food in a dish and they never get sick.

My neighbors must be smoking pot on their porch because it's all I can smell right now and it's making me even more sneezy. Thanks neighbors.


  1. I didn't know cats could get seasonal allergies. I learned something! Time to go throw some food in the cat dish... Hope you feel better!

    1. Apparently my cats get allergies ha ha.

  2. Maybe you and the cat are just allergic to Derek? :D