Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let's talk about movies and old German folklore

Let's talk about movies. I saw a good one recently and there are two coming out soon that I want to see.

I've been wanting to go see Far From the Madden Crowd but I didn't know anyone who would want to go with me. I'm sure Derek would have gone with me but I wouldn't make him sit through a period drama. So I waited for the movie to show up at Red Box and I finally got to watch it.

Bathsheba Everdene is a beautiful farm owner with quite a few suitors. I was rooting for the shepherd Mr. Oak (that's him above). He won me over when he gave Bathsheba a little baby lamb. You gotta go for the guy who gives you baby animals. She was a frustrating character for sure but I liked her. She wasn't afraid of getting dirty and worked hard for her farm. I have not read the book but it's on my to read list.

There is a movie coming out in October that I definitely want to see in theaters. Crimson Peak.

A scary period film in a cool haunted house with Tom Hiddleston? YES PLEASE. I can't get over how gorgeous the trailer is.

Next up is a movie I'll probably wait to come to Red Box but still want to see. Krampus.

Krampus is an old German folklore. While St. Nicholas leaves the good girls and boys presents, Krampus punishes the bad kids by swatting them, stuffing them in his sack (or basket as seen below) and taking them back to his lair. Merry Christmas everyone!

It would seem the boy was naughty. The girl is like, "I'm all set, I was a good girl!"

I'm not quite sure if this movie is supposed to be a horror comedy or just horror.

Have you guys seen anything good recently? Any other good movies coming out soon that I should know about?


  1. Oh, movies! I've never heard of Far from the Madden Crowd - book or film - but I like the looks of it! Mr. Oak wouldn't even need to give me a lamb. Plus, his name is "Mr. OAK". Erm... it's not porn is it??
    Krampus looks good, and it reminds me of a foreign film we watched a while ago - Rare Exports. Have you seen it?

    1. I haven't seen it but I'll have to check it out.