Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The internet says I don't have OCD but I'm not so sure

I think everyone has a little bit of OCD in them, or maybe I'm just assuming that to make myself feel better. I have a few OCD tendencies but nothing that disrupts my life (maybe just makes me weird) so I think I'm ok. Plus I took an online "do you have OCD" quiz and it said I don't so thank you Dr. Internet. I won't get into all the weird things that give me anxiety but I will share one with you today because it's really bothering me and I can't stop thinking about it.

Blankets and pillows around an air conditioner! Why do people do this? I know the actual reason, because it doesn't really fit in the window and they're trying to keep the cool air in, but oh my God it's so gross. Pillows and blankets exposed to the elements for months! I'm sure they are not drying properly being shoved in between a window and an AC. And please, for the love of God do not bring those back into your home when you take the AC out. Do you enjoy killing yourself with mold? What about bugs? You could have a spider family in your pillow!

From my bedroom windows I can see someone across the way has a comforter shoved around an AC. It looks wet and is discolored from the sun. I make a face every time I see it. I'm waiting for them to take it out and I hope it goes right in the trash. If I see the same comforter in the window next summer I might have a stroke.

Please go to Home Depot and get a portable AC that will fit better or at the very least get some plywood. Just stop with the blankets and pillows!


  1. As no one has A/C in the UK, in other words, it's never hot enough here to need it, I can't really imagine what you are saying, but if you think it's gross, I do too!

  2. Oh, you need to move!
    Actually, I don't see many air conditioners at our neighbors. But I would NOT like that comforter hack either!

  3. That sounds like common sense. I would not want to sleep on a pillow that has been wedged into a wall for months. Who knows how many birds have pooped on it?