Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Be my PR person! Join my team and get paid in satisfaction

Lately I've been getting quite a few emails from companies to post infographics on my blog. You're probably saying to yourself "why do they bother, she has about three readers and one of them is her cat." To be fair Bosco might not count because he just reads to see if I wrote anything about him.

Usually the email is something like this:

Hi Ginny,

I just read your last post and it was really great. I enjoyed it and though it had a lot of useful information.

I thought you might be interested in a infographic to complement the content of your blog. I've taken the courtesy of attaching the infographic. Please let me know if you will use the infographic on your blog.

Thank you

Well I give them points for actually using my name. I can see they're big fans of my blog and all the useful information it has to offer. I try to enlighten minds daily with all of this useful information on my blog. I appreciate the fact they they assume I will post the infographic considering they took the time to attach it to the email as a "courtesy". So thoughtful, so generous. Of course I will plaster my blog with ads for free!

Would anyone like to be my PR person? The job entails emailing digital marketing social media managers back informing them that my rate for an infographic is $1 million dollars and a years supply of Bud Light Mango Rita. You also must make sure there are no unflattering photos of me on the internet, including Facebook. The pay is the pure satisfaction of joining my "team".

The line starts over there.


  1. Only if you share those Mango Ritas with me!

  2. This post was really great. I enjoyed it and though it had a lot of useful information.

  3. Think yourself lucky you get emails like that, the last one I received said this:

    "i don't want to date anyone right now, but i still want to get f*cked!
    do u like girls with a lil extra thickness? u should msg me ;) "

    You may be interested to know that I didn't contact her. -_-

    1. I've gotten a couple of weird ones. I'm surprised you didn't contact her. Seems totally not weird, creepy and sketchy.

  4. I get those sometimes. Do you get the ones that want to send you something for free in exchange for a review on your blog? I almost got a free sex toy that way.

    1. I do! I usually don't respond. Shame about the sex toy.

    2. Geez my blog must be so boring because no one has ever offered to send me something for free if I review it on my blog!