Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Taco Tuesday is worth it

You know what makes Tuesdays better? Mexican food, friends and plenty of cerveza. Fiona hosted another great Taco Tuesday last night. I might have gotten home a bit later than I planned. Oops. There was even homemade apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Not Mexican at all, but who cares it's apple crisp.

I brought Cards Against Humanity which is always fun with a group of tipsy people.

I killed it the last time I played Cards Against Humanity but this time I had no luck. You can't win them all even when you think you should. I thought I had some pretty great cards.

Thankfully I manged to make it to the bus stop right before the bus arrived or I would have gotten home even later. I was yawning my way through the day today. I desperately wanted coffee but it's not worth the suffering that would follow so I sucked it up and silently felt bad for myself. To those of you that think you can't survive with out caffeine, you can, it just sucks. I don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

The week's not over yet and there's not way I'm going to bed early tonight when it's the season premiere of American Horror Story.

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  1. Tacos, cerveza, apple crisp, and CaH? Sounds like a complete evening to me! You can always sleep later. Sometime.