Sunday, December 20, 2015

How bazaar

I don't have much to report for the blog this week so let me tell you about the Etsy bazaar my mother and I tried to attend.

I saw on Facebook that there would be an Etsy bazaar at a local mall featuring many local Etsy sellers. I told my mother about it and we thought it would be a fun mother daughter thing to do. When we got to the mall we stopped in a few stores on our way to where we thought the bazaar was. While in line to purchase a pair of shoes the woman in front of us tell us the wait is two hours to get in and there are only a few tables, definitely not worth the wait. I check on the event page on Facebook and people are complaining about how poorly the event was planned and that the wait was so long and not even worth it once you got in. Some people had come from out of state to attend and were pretty angry that they couldn't get in.

My mother and I decided that we weren't going to wait in line for two hours for that. We walked by just to see what was going on. The bazaar was in a small empty store space and they were letting in 5 people at a time. They were also charging a dollar to get in which is fine but wasn't mentioned on the event page. The line was going all the way back through the mall. I think we made the right decision by not going.

We did get a nice holiday photo and got a little shopping done. I bought a pair of comfortable heels for work. That was my shopping triumph of the day. Comfortable heels are not easy to find. I'm still on the hunt for new boots.

After shopping we got some lunch and visited my grandmother. A successful mother daughter day.


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  2. I started reading and thought, "Oh, good idea - an Etsy Bazaar at Christmastime!" and I still think it's a good idea, just in need of much better planning.

    But I'm glad your mother daughter day wasn't a total bust. Comfortable heels are a rare find! Cute pic. Your mom looks like fun to hang out with.

  3. Wow, I was going to attend an etsy thing, too. That is a bummer.

  4. That is a really nice photo of you both. No I wouldn't have queued either. I don't like queuing for anything, even for something I adore. :D

  5. Aw, you guys are super-sweet together! Also, I love your cardigan.

    Too bad about the Etsy show. Oh well, I guess you can always go online shopping together. ;-)