Sunday, January 31, 2016

Birthday party at Golden Temple

The E Room early in the evening. I prefer to call it the spaceship though. Later most of the tables are moved to make room for dancing.

Cousins! Alexis, myself and Lauren. I'm not drunk (that came later) just squinty from the flash.

DJ with CDs was replaced by DJ with bucket hat. I'm not sure if this is temporary or permanent. I will be sure to report back when I find out.

I wish I had more photos but I left my digital camera at home and my phone was dying. You'll just have to imagine me dancing my butt off.


  1. That place looks pretty awesome!

  2. It totally looks like a spaceship!

  3. Don't lie you were winking. ;) I'm a dj that still uses cds, but I prefer a good cap to a bucket hat.