Saturday, January 30, 2016

So Long Meadow Glenn Mall

So long 90's Nails
After 37 years the Meadow Glenn Mall in Medford is closing its doors. I'm not surprised as the mall is very dated and mostly used as a gathering place for walking groups and the elderly. My last visit was in January of last year, which I blogged about here.

I honestly can't even remember why I went there since the mall is a bit out of the way for me.

There's something a bit depressing but also nostalgic about dated malls, which is why I was drawn to take pictures on my last trip. If I lived closer and had more time I would go for one last visit.

Kohl's and Marshalls are the only stores remaining open. The mall's 40 or so other stores have until the end of February to move everything out but the mall will be closed to the public as of February 1. It's being reported that the Rochester N.Y. grocery chain, Wegman's will be taking over the space. This would be the fifth Wegman's in Massachusetts.

I hope that the people who use the mall for a gathering place can find an alternative. I wish there were some indoor tracks in the Boston area. I think they would be very popular.

Check out the link to Ron Newman's flicker set below for more Meadow Glenn pictures.

More info at: "This Medford mall is closing, and the photos are really depressing"

Wicked Local Medford "Medford walking, community groups displaced by Meadow Glen Mall closing"

Ron's Newman's Flicker "Last Days of the Meadow Glenn"


  1. I live near a mall, and it seems that malls aren't generally as widely popular as they once were. Ours is usually pretty hopping on the weekends, though. During the week, it's mainly the elderly people walking and moms with little kids at the play area. Does anyone buy stuff?

    Still, it's sad when one folds up like that.

    1. It seems like the malls that are still around are the high end ones with stores like Saks and Neiman Marcus, at least in the Boston area. Some of them have started calling themselves "the collection" instead of "the mall".

  2. Yeah it's always sad when shops close down, especially large chains that just haven't been able to keep up with the times, but I haven't experienced a whole shopping centre close down, that must be depressing.

    1. Yea most of the stores were dated and with stores like Target and Khol's people don't go to malls as much I think.

  3. RIP mall. The malls in Toronto all seem to be doing fine. Saks and Neiman Marcus are both opening stores downtown in the spring.