Sunday, December 4, 2016

A giraffe walks into a bar

Friday night was my ladies night with Lil Anne. We had some wine and watched Batteries Not Included. I love that movie. I wish Jessica Tandy was still around. We ended the night at the Last Drop which is always a treat.

Why not dress up as a giraffe and hit the town? There were also drunken carolers.

I'm sure Derek is heart broken that he missed this.

The elliptical arrived yesterday. My mother wants a treadmill so she gave me the elliptical for free. I just had to pay to move it. It's a nice one too. It even has a built in fan to cool you off if needed.

Last night Derek and I went to Red Bones where I had chicken and waffles. I better get my ass on that elliptical. We also watched the Hamilton Drunk History episode and it was as good as I hoped.

I'm watching A Diva's Christmas Carol right now. I will pretty much watch any version of A Christmas Carol. The ending is so satisfying. Now it's time to get off the computer and go food shopping, do laundry, clean and maybe a little elliptical action.


  1. So the giraffe... there a story with that? And what's Christmas without some drunken carolers? I can't believe I've never seen "Batteries not Included".

    1. I think it was some bet with friends.

      Batteries Not Included is really cute. I love the little alien robots. It's streaming on Netflix.