Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My little allergy free tree

I was reminded today of how much I despise young college kids. There was a group of them decked in their school gear on the T going to some sporting event (hockey maybe?) and they were obnoxious. Is it necessary to be that loud and high five each other multiple times on a packed train? The correct answer is no, it is not necessary.

My little tree came in. It's super cute.

And it won't make me sneeze. Maybe I should get tiny little presents to put under it! Or maybe I should just go to bed.


  1. They do laugh a lot, and they know so much more than everyone else. There time will come, so I don't mind them too much.

  2. We have one of these trees too! It's been in the family for ages!

  3. That's a cute tree.

    Oh go on, next time you are on the train go up and high five them too. I dare you!