Friday, December 2, 2016

Commuting fun on the B line

It seems like everyone is announcing that they're pregnant on Facebook so I think it's time I announce something as well. We're happy to announce that we're expecting an elliptical machine to join our family on Saturday. We're so excited to begin this (fitness) journey together.

The B line was a real treat this morning. One guy kept asking at every stop if we were at Downtown Crossing. We were nowhere near Downtown Crossing. Then there was goldfish brain and her boyfriend.

GFB: They were really freaked out.
BF: Why were they really freaked out?
GFB: I never said they were freaked out!
BF: Yes you did, you just said that.
GFB: No I didn't!
BF: Fine, maybe I could hear you because the train's loud.

I heard her, she said it.

Tonight I have a lady date with Lil Anne. Not sure what we'll be doing yet but she better bring me flowers.


  1. And once you are in shape, they make great clothes hangers.

  2. Today is Saturday. Congratulations on your new arrival! I hope it's a relatively painless delivery.

    1. It's here and everything went smoothly. The only hiccup was that we couldn't figure out where it plugged in. The manual doesn't even tell you. Luckily my mother knew.