Friday, December 9, 2016

The best birthday gift

Before I tell you what the best birthday gift is I have to complain. I know you're shocked. Me complain? NEVER.

I'm in the supermarket this morning buying some water and Triscuits which should be a quick trip but of course that never happens. I go to the shortest line and the woman in front of me is finishing putting her stuff on the checkout counter. The cashier starts ringing her items up and that's when things go downhill. For every item this woman goes "That's on sale it's 2 for 5. You know that's on sale right?" "Yes, it's ringing up with the sale price." For all of her 15 items. Every single one! When we get to the salsa I'm really about to lose it. "That's on sale, hold on let me tell you the price. I think it's 2 for 5." And then she runs off to find the price while the cashier is yelling to her that the sale price rang up. Lord give me strength. And I mean give me strength in my throwing arm for when I hurl this 2 for 5 salsa at this lady's' head.

Now that I got that out of my system, let's get to the best birthday gift. That would be one of my favorite bands playing in Boston on my birthday! AFI is coming to Boston on February 4th. Please feel free to join me at my awesome birthday celebration and buy me drinks.

The ending of this song is so great! This was actually a hidden track but one of my favorites.

There are no flowers, no not this time,
There'll be no angels gracing the lines,
Just these stark words, I find.
I'd show a smile, but i'm too weak,
I'd share with you could I only speak,
Just how much this, hurts me.


  1. Don't even get me started on grocery line people...I feel your pain. But I laughed anyway.

  2. Give you strength - HA! I saw that amazon has a grocery store with NO checkout lines. Grocery shopping heaven.

    1. Not having to deal with checkout lines seems like heaven to me.

  3. That's what the self service checkouts are there for, apart from when they go wrong all the time.