Sunday, March 5, 2017

I went to Worcester and I didn't even get to see a shady strip club

Fiona and I drove all the way to Worcester on Saturday to see Panic at the Disco at the DCU Center. We were pretty excited because Worcester is kind of known for shady strip clubs. We weren't actually going to go to a strip club because I'm not paying $15 for a beer with a side of hepatitis. We just wanted to drive by one. We must have been staying in the classy area of Worcester though because we saw none.

We made it to the DCU Center and procured two massive beers from a nice older woman who we decided was named Maude. Good thing we didn't go to a strip club because the DCU Center is apparently cash only.

The age range of this show was teenagers, moms and Ginny and Fiona. I guess that makes us hip? We'll go with that...

After the show we went to UNOs and then to a Mexican place for margaritas. That would probably explain why I have heartburn today. At some point we took this photo and I texted it to Derek just saying "boobs".

We were a bit tired this morning which totally explains why we drove an hour in the wrong direction on the highway! Oh my God how did we do that?

So how was your weekend?


  1. Clearly, you were the hippest ones at the concert!

    1. Totally. Hippest and oldest ones that knew all the words.

  2. I've driven the wrong way on the motorway, but I'm happy to say not for an hour! :D