Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Christopher Nolan Sci-Fi movie? Yes please. Interstellar movie trailer.

I am a huge sci-fi fan. I am also a huge Christopher Nolan fan. The trailer for Interstellar doesn't reveal too much about the movie and I kind of like that. The trailer for Inception was similar in that sense.

If you read this interview with Christoper Nolan he talks about using real locations rather than CG.

Meanwhile, Viggo Mortensen throws some shade towards Peter Jackson for using CG too much. I kind of agree with him. Someone remind me why the Lovely Bones needed CG again?

Now for some random thoughts:

I need to go to the laundromat to wash sleeping bags for camping next weekend but I'm being extremely lazy. Someone motivate me otherwise I'm going to sit on my ass all day watching Bar Rescue.

For some reason there is a street sweeper going up and down my street every couple of minutes. I think he's on trip #4 by now.

There have been so many college graduations happening around Boston and I am thrilled because that means I'll get a few months peace from the drunk college parade. Let's celebrate! (like responsible adults)

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