Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fare thee well Gandalf the Blue or Steve or whatever else I called you

I think I might have a bit of a case of bloggers block. I know you're thinking to yourself "but Ginny your life is just so amazing and interesting you must have something to share!" No I don't so let's talk about my dead fish.

I had a work fish. He went by many names because whenever someone would ask what his name was I would just make something up. "Oh that's Steve, yes.... Steve the fish." Right before he died I finally decided his official name was Gandalf the Blue. I also purchased him a new home for his bowl because I thought he'd enjoy a little house. I think I pretty much sentenced him to death when I did that. He died before the house came in the mail.

Gandalf died when I was in Vegas. I immediately blamed my co-worker that was feeding Gandalf. He looked at me horrified because he had no idea the fish had died or that I actually didn't blame him. I silently pointed to the dead fish laying limply in the bowl to really drive the point home.

I left Gandalf in the bowl for most of the day for the viewing. A few people commented that the bowl was starting to smell. Well I didn't properly embalm him guys, now pay your respects to poor Gandalf.

By the end of the day it was time to lay Gandalf to rest. I thought a burial at sea was appropriate but since I'm not going to walk to Boston Harbor with a dead fish I decided a toilet burial would suffice. I told Gandalf he was a good fish and that I'm sorry he did not get to enjoy his Sponge Bob Square Pants house. I carefully dumped him in the toilet and threw the fishbowl in the trash. My fish bowl cleaning days are over!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Give me all your tacky, all your drinks and all your Avengers Las Vegas

I'm back from Vegas. Bosco is back home from my mother's and now I'm just trying to overcome my candy crush addiction thanks to the long plan ride.

We stayed at the Luxor. The rooms are a little dated. I mean there was a phone with a cord right next to the toilet but they were clean. How much time do you really spend in the room anyway? If you're me not much.

I'm a sucker for Egyptian themed anything. Well I'm a sucker for anything themed which is why I love Vegas.

The first night we got in we saw Penn and Teller. It was a really good show. I'm a big fan of Penn after seeing him on Celebrity Apprentice. Penn and Teller are really great magicians but they also showed you how some tricks are done and talked about how you should never spend money on a medium and talked a bit about how they trick people. I should change that to Penn talked because Teller never speaks. If you go to Vegas check out their show.

We spent quite a bit of time at the Mandalay Bay and Excalibur since they are both connected to the Luxor. We went to Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay. It's a small aquarium but their shark tank is HUGE. You walk through a tunnel to get to the rest of the shark tank (see pic above taken in the tunnel). I really loved the tunnel an watching the sharks and fish swim all around you.

I love jelly fish when you can admire them safely behind glass.

Decorating ideas for the new apartment? I think Derek might object....

Japanese garden in the Bellagio. I heard this nice flute music and then realized there was actually a guy there playing the flute.

It was a bit cooler than I expected so we spent more time wandering around hotels rather than at the pool. Ah well, can't control the weather. It was still nice out just not hot enough to lounge by the pool.

We met some nice Canadians over two dollar bud light drafts once night and at Margaritaville we sat next to a nice couple from Texas. If you're in Vegas go to Margaritaville at the Flamingo unless you don't like watching bartenders do fun tricks with bottles and giving you free shots then avoid it at all costs.

And most of the pictures of Derek and I look like this. I refuse to use a selfie stick!

I almost forgot two of my favorite Vegas pics.

Spiderman is proposing to me and all the other Avengers are not pleased. But where is Iron Man and Black Widow?

Sorry for all the photos but it's Vegas and vacation and I can't help myself.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day, 70s era Italian and ugly hats.

Happy Mother's Day everyone. I took my mother out for lunch and saw her new apartment. It's in a very interesting building that is best described as 70s era Italian. There's a lot of brown and ornate gold colored things. There's also a fountain in the lobby.

Here's my lovely mother by the fountain.

When she first moved she had a hard time. She was leaving the last home she lived in with her boyfriend before he passed away. It will be one year in July since his passing. The home they were living in was his so she had to move once he passed. I told her that it will take some time for the new place to feel like "home". She does have some of his furniture and art work so there is some familiarity.

We went out for lunch and some shopping. I got a belt and I'm sure Derek is saying "finally!". I was getting tired of my pants falling down all the time but was having a hard time finding a belt that I liked and that fit.

We tried on some ugly hats. I mean seriously who would buy these? It's a bit hard to see but my hat has a rhinestone crown on it.

I also got some new sneakers. Bright pink laces? SOLD. I've been trying to walk more, get that old exercise in and my old sneakers were a little past their prime.

So that was my Mother's Day. Now it's time to start doing laundry and packing for Vegas!!! I'm so excited for vacation!

Friday, May 8, 2015

In memoriam of the Prudential Center food court.

My co-worker Dan came into work the other day and informed us that his roommate had bought baby turtles out of the back of a van in Chinatown. They are tiny and cute and look like this.

not the actual turtles but you get the idea

We are all big fans of the turtles. T has decided that we should get one for the office but Lilly would have to take care of it. We are definitely not getting turtles for the office. We already have a fish that has lived well past his fishy prime. I keep thinking he's going to die any day but he's still going.

In other news you probably won't care about unless you live in Boston or work near me but my food court is going to be closing for a year and a half so they can build an Eataly. I know I have complained that I'm bored with the food court and that it feels like being in prison eating the same food every day but what am I supposed to do? Bring my lunch? Go to the super pricey Star Market? pft.

Eataly should be completed by the end of 2016.

They may take our food court but they'll never take OUR FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lean Cuisine level fancy

It's been a little while since I've done a photo post so if you like those today is your lucky day!

I'm trying to eat healthier and yes I know Lean Cuisine isn't really "healthy" but I think this was a better option late night than french fries. Baby steps. I took this photo to show off how fancy Lean Cuisine is getting. Oooooh "Marketplace" and a fancy black box. I shall eat this with my pinkie finger out. Only the fanciest frozen dinner for me.

I think I might have possibly gone down a pants size. I mean it has been warmer so I've probably been a little more active. I ordered a pair of shorts once size down so we'll see.

Yesterday was Star Wars Day at Fenway (May the 4th be with you....) I'm not really a baseball fan but my friends were going and it can be fun paying $9.00 for bud light and doing the wave. I did have a good time hanging out with my lady friends and storm troopers.

Germana and Lil-Anne bailed early but Fiona and I "toughed it out" (kidding guys!). Double fisting Bud Lights and trying to do the wave at the same time is hard!

I am so tired to today but you're only semi-young once.

Today's adventures included my co-worker Dana and I filing briefs with the appeals court and then getting our notary renewal taken care of. The room where you take your oath and sign a gigantic book is the most depressing office space I've ever seen. Everyone was quiet and hunched over their desks and just had this look on their face like they were in ground hog day and this is their miserable day over and over again. No thank you. I was very thankful for my lively office environment after experiencing that.

Saw this on  Beacon Hill "Have you hugged your pest management professional today?" I have not but I am very thankful for your services my friend.

Spring has arrived and it's beautiful. I probably take enough antihistamine to tranquilize a horse but it's the only way I can feel human. God bless benadryl.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Where's my phone and who is Vig?

On Friday night I lost my phone for the first time. That certainly wasn't fun. I rarely keep my phone out on a table or a bar because I'm afraid of forgetting it and well that's exactly what happened. Derek and I were so focused on catching the bus on time that we flew out of there and left my phone behind. Once I realized my phone was MIA I had a bit of a freak out. I didn't want to miss the call from the guy who was coming to fix my busted windshield in the morning. I had to call the repair place and ask them to call Derek's phone. I was a bit worried that they would still call my phone considering every person I talked to there kept calling me Vig no matter how many times I told them my name is Virginia.

I think this was the most action Derek's phone has seen in a long time. He really doesn't use his much.

It all worked out thankfully. My friend saw my phone on the bar and grabbed it for me. She's a true hero in my eyes so I do have my phone back. The glass guy came and replaced my windshield. Let's hope it doesn't leak and that it stays in one piece and that I don't stupidly leave my phone anywhere again.

One thing I should add is that when I went to drive my car after it was fixed a young woman across the street came over and told me that she heard some guys that lived in the yellow house near where I park talking about their friend Alex jumping on a car on marathon Monday and damaging it. I thanked her for letting me know. There's not much I can do, I have no proof but I do appreciate that she told me.