Thursday, November 10, 2016

Staying calm

It looks like an offer was made on my grandmother's house and we're going to accept it. It's a little under what we asked but not by much. The house needs some updates so I'm not surprised. A developer made the offer and will most likely tear the house down and build two houses on the lot. It's a bit sad to imagine the house being demolished but the memories are what's important. It doesn't feel the same with my grandmother gone anyways.

On the front steps with my grandmother on Easter in the 80s
I'm doing my best to stay away from Facebook and social media as I realize that it's just causing me stress. I'm still checking in but not as frequently and I'm not clicking on any political related articles. I tend to be an anxious person and my stress level has been through the roof. I'm distracting myself by learning some Spanish and watching Netflix.

I've been watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning in preparation for the reboot on Netflix. If that's not a feel good show I don't know what is.

Next on my Netflix list is The Last Kingdom.

As a child Uhtred witnesses his father being killed by an invading Saxon army. He's kidnapped by the Saxon's and raised like one of their own. Years later his surrogate family is killed and Uhtred sets out to avenge their deaths and take back his homeland from his uncle. 

Sounds like some real happy uplifting stuff right? It's a nice escape at least and Alexander Dreymon sure isn't bad to look at.


  1. Looks like a nice warm house, a shame to knock it down. I love older homes.

    I am now deleting any Facebook political message including some of my old posts. Apparently I am now deplorable and racist to my own's not worth trying to have any dialog, the media has established all the "facts." As Rodney King once said, "Why can't we all just get along."

    1. It was built in the 20s by my great grandparents. It's not in bad shape, just needs some updates. The land is more valuable though and people want newer homes.

      This election has certainly been testing families. I do think a dialog is important so we can all try to understand each other better. Hopefully we can all try to have constructive conversations once things settle down a little.

  2. Sad to think of your grandmother's home being demolished. Sweet pic.
    I check in on facebook now and then, but am purposely not responding. It's ugly.
    We watched the first few episodes of The Last Kingdom last weekend. I did fall asleep through bits of it, but what I was awake for was good.

    1. We seem to watch a lot of the same shows ha ha.