Thursday, October 29, 2015

Can Even Peters put out a spoken word album with his Mr. March accent? Maybe do some books on tape?

That would please me very much. He is my favorite character on this season of American Horror Story.

If you follow me on twitter you're probably like JFC! WE KNOW!

My (second) Halloween costume came in yesterday. I decided that I don't want to wear my spoiler costume again for Halloween. I know I said in a previous post that I'm definitely not getting a costume from a Halloween store sewn by child laborers but I changed my mind. I like to fly by the seat of my well sewn pants. Plus it was on sale.

Prepare to be amazed and confused when you see my costume because I don't know exactly what I am but it looked cool in the photo online. This could be terrible considering I haven't tried it on yet and it's a "one size fits all".

I've been on a weird tuna kick lately. I want tuna sandwiches all the time. I think this is a funny thing to crave. So guess what I'm having for lunch?

*googles how much tuna do you have to eat to get mercury poisoning*

There's actually a calculator for this! You asketh the internets and you shall recieveth.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I love getting my face drilled early in the morning

Who is this bitch scheduling dentist appointments at 7:30 in the morning. That would be ME.

Pina coladas are forever ruined for me. My dentist uses a "pina colada flavored" numbing gel before I get stabbed in the face with the horror movie sized novocaine needle. No one wants that taste when you first wake up.

Ooh a package just arrived for me. Maybe it's costume #2 for Halloween!

*cha cha slides to the front desk*

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Like a happy Halloween balloon

Bosco is now trying a venison based cat food. He seems to be less itchy but time will tell. I have spent so much money trying different foods. Just ask my bank account how much I love my cat.

I finally sent my old purse out to pasture. It was fraying and starting to get holes. This new one has fun pockets. I wish I could remember which pockets I put all my things in. We're still learning each other.

The stairs are doing me good! This mirror came via my mother and will go in the bedroom. I was at my mother's and mentioned that I wanted a mirror for the bedroom and she's like "hold on a second!" runs into her bedroom and pulls this out from under her bed. Of course my mother would have a giant spare mirror lying around.

Ugh the gross disgusting oozing pipe mentioned in my previous post. Crimson Peak house is no fun without Tom Hiddelston.

I love supermarket displays. Look how fun and happy these balloons are just floating around.

Derek worked late so no soup for me. I was good though and ordered a grilled chicken salad. I really wanted the mac & cheese bites too but my willpower is surprisingly strong today.

My apartment is currently Crimson Peaking itself

This was my maintenance request sent via an online form:

"Pipe in bathroom is oozing reddish brown liquid of unknown origin. Smells a bit funny and is coming from multiple spots. Oozing started when heat was turned on."

What is it?!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Why Supergirl is going to flop and why I was right about Jem and the Holograms and Paranormal Activity 50

Studios should hire me to tell them if a movie will flop. 99.9% of the time I’m right.
Reasons why Jem was going to flop: teens these days don’t care about Jem and don’t know who they are. The previews looked nothing like the original series and was not geared towards the original fans which turned off people that are my age and grew up with the show FLOP.
Reasons why Paranormal activity was going to flop: OMG what number are we on now? This series is dead and has been dead. Should have just gone straight to video. FLOP
Reason why Steve Jobs was going to flop: We’re all Steve Jobs’d out. I’m sure the acting is great, the trailer was just lacking something that would interest the general public. Let’s not forget how Steve Jobs’ widow has been trashing this movie left and right. FLOP
Reasons why Kasbah was going to flop: No one has heard of this movie. Horrible promotion. Unfortunately Bill Murray's last few movies have flopped so his name alone doesn't seem to be a big draw any more.
Although this isn’t a movie, I’m predicting right here that the new Supergirl show will FLOP. I can barely make it through the trailer. It’s boring and corny as hell and looks cheap. It’s a shame because now network tv will be even more weary to produce shows with a female superhero or villain. 
Thank God for Netflix releasing Jessica Jones which looks fan-fucking-tastic!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Crafting for the cat lady

I did many October Halloween things this weekend. I want to a Halloween party on Saturday night and today I carved a pumpkin. Sadly all the pictures I took from the Halloween party are on instagram but did not save to my phone. My phone is being a right jerk these days and I need to get a new one before I lose my mind. If you want to see my costume here it is.

I think I want to have a different costume for Halloween but I might not have enough time to put something together. I'm trying to get those creative juices flowing.

I do have some pumpkin carving photos since I had my digital camera with me.

My mother's cat pumpkin with real cat fur for the ears! Yes she did that. 

I mean seriously. Can I live on the water now please? Gorgeous!

I have to say I think my mother's cat pumpkin came out really good. She used a foam pumpkin and spray painted it black. The head is yarn. I have a foam pumpkin but still don't know what to do with it. There will be no actual cat hair involved. I just can't hard core craft like my mom.

My throat is killing me right now from going to the dentist. It happens every time I get a cleaning. It sets off my heartburn. I think it might be the mouthwash. Why does my body hate me when I'm just trying to get my teeth bones cleaned?

I ate way too much junk today. Tomorrow I shall do better and eat my greens. The weekend glutton party is ovah.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Turnip is very underrated if you ask me

It's Saturday and I had pizza for breakfast. I think that's a good start to the day.

My mother called me and told me about the pumpkin she's doing for a pumpkin carving contest at her work (they use foam pumpkins, not real ones). She is making her pumpkin into a cat and asked me if it would be weird if she used some fur she saved from Mr. Binx. The answer is YES. So that's how I found out my mother is saving cat fur.

I have a Halloween party tonight and still haven't made my costume. Better get on that. I also want to dye my hair but I don't know if I'm too lazy for that today.

I really want some butternut squash soup. I'm craving all the fall foods right now. Fall is a good food season. I love pumpkin, butternut squash and turnip. Mmmmmm turnip.

I'm so glad I found this picture. It's pretty much exactly how I feel about turnip.

If you want a laugh check out this book on Amazon - Gaygent Brontosaurus: The Butt is Not Enough. I can't stop laughing at the book cover. It's amazing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

No time to see do and read all the things. Finally starting reading Boswell's London Journal (it's good)

October is turning out to be a really busy month. I want to see Crimson Peak and the Maze Runner Scorch Trials but I don't know when I'll be able to make it to the theater. Crimson Peak has to happen soon! I'm trying my best to avoid any spoilers. 

There's a line of Crimson Peak nail polish line being released on Halloween. I want them all! I really love the darker colors.

I'm making my Halloween costume this year. It's really nothing complicated and I'm starting to worry that maybe it's not as good of an idea as I first thought? Too late now. I have a Halloween party on Saturday and I already have everything to put it together. At least I'm not spending money on an overpriced costume from a party store that falls apart if the wind blows too hard. I'm being creative!

Derek and I had wanted to take a trip to Salem this month but I don't think that's in the cards. Going right around Halloween is just cray and our weekends are booked up anyways. Next year maybe? Go in the spring instead? It will happen. 

I've finally started reading Boswell's London Journal. So far I really like young Boswell. He begins his journal with talking about why he's keeping a journal.

"In this way I shall preserve many things that would otherwise be lost in oblivion."

"Very often we have more pleasure in reflecting on agreeable scenes that we have been in than we had from the scenes themselves."

"I shall not study much correctness, lest the labour of it should make me lay it aside altogether."

If you're interested in eighteenth century London (I mean who isn't right?) or journals, check it out. I'll be updating the blog with some of my favorite quotes as I read. I have a feeling there'll be plenty.

Now I'm off to bed. Let's all pray the neighbors use their inside voices tonight so we can get some sleep.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Got my coat and my flip flops

I don't personally rock the jacket and flip flop look but this isn't the first time I've seen it. I feel you girl. I'm not ready for cold weather either.

We're currently roasting in our apartment. It's fun having no control over your heat. I can't really complain because heat is included in the rent but what a waste. We have windows open so we can be comfortable. At least we know it works and works really really well.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Blogger's block = photo update

I've been having trouble writing blog posts lately. Does anyone else get blogger's block? I can't be the only one. I feel like posting something so here's a photo update.

I somehow wound up with something called Costochondritis which is inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the breastbone. I felt like I got hit in the chest with a bowling ball. Two doctors visits, lots of ibuprofen, Icy Hot, rest and I'm finally feeling better. I was miserable trying to sleep. The pain was much worse when lying down. I couldn't take the lack of sleep so I finally went to the doctor.

Can't wait for that bill to come in the mail. My insurance barely covers a band-aid.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Eating dinner with a celebrity (kind of sort of) CHEERS

What a beautiful day out today! It's in the 70s and the sun is shining and it would be a perfect day to go for a nice long walk except I seem to have come down with some sort of bronchitis/pleurisy/consumption. I don't really have a cough though, just pain in the chest when I breathe which is making sleeping a bit of a pain (literally). I'll go to the doctor if it gets worse but I'm holding off since I'm pretty sure they'll just tell me it's a viral infection and it will resolve on its own. I can still walk around but if I bend over or go up stairs I get a bit winded.

What have I been doing this long weekend? Well we had dinner with Oliver Peck from Ink Masters. Ok, we sat at the table next to Oliver Peck from Ink Masters. Derek is the one that recognized him. I'm shocked that he recognized someone from reality tv before I did! I'm a reality tv junkie! We didn't ask for a picture or autograph. I'm not the type to go up to celebrities and ask for pictures or autographs especially when they're enjoying a delicious Thai dinner. I was enjoying my dinner too even though it was a bit spicy, when it shouldn't have been spicy at all. I paid for that later with a burning bladder but I hate sending food back. I've had the dish many times before, it's not supposed to be spicy at all. I think it might have been cooked near something spicy or they used the same utensils to cook my food after a spicy dish. Ah well, it happened and it still tasted delicious.

I took a trip to IKEA and got some pillows for the couch. I also got some meatballs and that delicious sauce to bring home. You can't leave IKEA without some meatballs. I feel like I'm very slowly making the apartment feel more like home.There's still a lot of empty wall space but I have some art work that just needs to be framed and then we can hang it up. The curtains will go up soon I swear!

Today I'm lounging around enjoying a Mang-O-Rita on our porch/balcony with Derek. We saw some blue jays making a lot of noise and a squirrel not using one of his paws but still getting around just fine. Now it's time for sushi and miso soup! Hope you had a good long weekend or a good Thanksgiving if you're Canadian (I'm looking at you Spark!)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Truffle oil is great! Long weekends are great! Christopher Columbus can suck it!

I do believe the fall allergies have got me. I'm a sniffling sneezy mess. On the bright side we have a long weekend coming up. You can't bring me down allergies! I have massive amounts of Benadryl on my side.

Question: How is Columbus Day still a holiday? I'm glad to have Monday off but we really need to get rid of this holiday. Columbus was a mass murderer who didn't even realize where he landed. He can suck it. Let's find something else to celebrate like naps or potato products.

I went to a delicious tapas bar last night. The wine was ridiculously expensive but the food was so good! I really love truffle oil and it was on so many things, I was very pleased. The waitress told us that if we gave them our email address they'll send us a bunch of coupons. Yes please. There are still a few things on the menu that I want to try like fried brie! That's my favorite cheese. Now I just have to convince Derek to go. He's not a big fan of tapas. If not then I'll just go with a friend again.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Taco Tuesday is worth it

You know what makes Tuesdays better? Mexican food, friends and plenty of cerveza. Fiona hosted another great Taco Tuesday last night. I might have gotten home a bit later than I planned. Oops. There was even homemade apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Not Mexican at all, but who cares it's apple crisp.

I brought Cards Against Humanity which is always fun with a group of tipsy people.

I killed it the last time I played Cards Against Humanity but this time I had no luck. You can't win them all even when you think you should. I thought I had some pretty great cards.

Thankfully I manged to make it to the bus stop right before the bus arrived or I would have gotten home even later. I was yawning my way through the day today. I desperately wanted coffee but it's not worth the suffering that would follow so I sucked it up and silently felt bad for myself. To those of you that think you can't survive with out caffeine, you can, it just sucks. I don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

The week's not over yet and there's not way I'm going to bed early tonight when it's the season premiere of American Horror Story.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

King Richard's Faire

I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life and yet this was my first time going to King Richard's Faire. King Richard's faire is a Renaissance faire on the South Shore that runs every year in September and October. It was a bit chilly today but there was still a good crowd.

On to ye old photos!

Tis me on a chair

Would you like to purchase a left handed mug or perhaps a right handed mug?

 Jousting! It made me nervous because they really hit each other pretty good.

My absolute favorite show - Jacques Ze Whipper.

Derek got called up to participate ha ha. I think he could sense that Derek was like please don't pick me.

This poor guy was so nervous his hands were shaking. He was a good sport though.

Giant turkey leg.

The parade with the King and Queen

I acquired a flower crown. When in Rome right?

I have two videos of Jacques Ze Whipper whipping and singing. It's pretty great. Check it out below.

Friday, October 2, 2015

There's going to be a murder near isle three

I have a problem where I seem to always pick the most annoying line at the supermarket. There was only one person ahead of me this morning when I went to purchase my gallon of water. The woman had on giant sunglasses and a sweater coat. I should mention that it is very cloudy and dark in Boston today and she is wearing sunglasses inside. Maybe she has a medical condition like Bono from U2? I can't be sure but I'm just going to assume she doesn't and she's weird.

Sunglasses lady was purchasing a single cup of noodles. Of course she was paying with change, which is fine but she kept changing her mind on what change she wanted to give. Does she pay with two quarters or does she pay with nickles and dimes? Apparently this was a big decision and one that I really don't care about. Once she finally pays the cashier this conversation happens.

cashier: Do you want a bag?

annoying lady: No.

cashier: Ok have a nice day.

Cashier rings up my water. Annoying lady is still standing there and looking at the cashier.

cashier: Do you need something?

annoying lady: I need a bag.

cashier: I asked you if you needed a bag for your soup and you said no.

annoying lady: I need it for my sweater. *points to another sweater that she's holding in her elbow*

Cashier rips off a plastic bag and hands it out too her. Annoying lady holds out her sweater. Cashier continues to hold the bag out for her to take. It's a supermarket standoff. Annoying lady finally takes the bag and gives me a look like "can you believe this cashier lady?"


Annoying lady slowly walks away. Is she on drugs? Is she just a bitch? Why is this happening first thing in the morning?

cashier: I asked her if she wanted a bag and she said no! What is wrong with people?!

I don't know cashier, I really don't know.