Saturday, September 28, 2013

A bug committed suicide on my face

I was having dinner last night, minding my own business, when a fly flew right into my face and fell on the table dead. Gross and weird! In other bug news a spider has made a home in my car. I see his web all over my dashboard but the spider is nowhere to be found. If he ambushes my face I might have a heart attack.

My mom and I brought Mr. Binx back to our old vet this morning. The vet I had been going to in Brookline is just way too expensive. The old vet is further away but cheaper and just better in general. Mr. Binx needs dental surgery again, which we expected. I told this vet that the vet in Brookline charged for the follow up after the dental surgery. She said that they don't do a follow up since they use dissolvable stitches. I told her that my previous vet did not and took them out at the follow up appointment. She said that they never do that if the animal is awake especially when they can use dissolvable stitches. I was pretty upset about this. Just another way for the expensive vet to make even more money. I'm going straight to yelp! *shakes internet fist*

Now that I got that out of my system it's time for pizza! Homemade Ginny special (no sauce, lots of cheese).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello? Goodbye.

Weird phone call today. I picked up the phone and said "hello?" and a recorded voice said "goodbye" and hung up.

Tonight it's time for much needed dinner and drinks with friends as there has been too much drama happening around the office today. I've already decided I'm having something with french fries. Please try to hide your shock. I invited my favorite Texan, Amy to join us. The more the merrier.

I thought Derek was mad at me this morning but it turns out I'm just good at being paranoid for no reason. One thing I love about Derek is that if something is bothering him he will just say it. Me, I prefer the passive-aggressive approach which is awful and at 29 years old I'm trying to stop that.

Ladies and gents it is getting close to Friday. Let's all be happy about that

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Somehow this post turned into a partial review of a Lifetime movie and I'm sorry about that

So I downloaded the new i0s7 on my iphone because everyone was talking about it and said it was pretty and well I like pretty things and being able to talk about things that everyone else is talking about. "Oh man that new i0s7 took forever to download but it looks really cool!" I can't be left out of that stimulating conversation.

After two hours my iphone was ready to go. First it asks me to log into my icloud. I type in my password about 8 times and it's wrong every time. I know it's not wrong because I download music and apps all the time. I decide to just ignore it for now as I don't really use icloud.

Next up my phone asks me if I want to password protect my phone. I didn't have a password before but I recently watched this Lifetime movie called Social Nightmare where Daryl Hannah ruins her daughter's life by posting from her daughter's facebook and saying mean things like "ha ha I got into this school and you didn't you're a loser!" Whoa, way harsh Tai! Sorry I just spoiled the movie but you'll thank me because I just saved two hours of your life. So Lifetime has made me paranoid that someone is going to post mean things from my facebook and then I'm going to get kicked off the yearbook committee.

I should be all set to go with the new i0s7 except that my fingers do not seem to be compatible. With i0s7 you have to swipe up to close out of apps (which I do obsessively because I'm convinced I'm saving so much battery life), but I just keep swiping and swiping and nothing happens. My fingers are not working!

Other problems I'm having: when I try to scroll when I'm on the internet my iphone keeps thinking I'm trying to copy everything. I just want to scroll iphone, is that too much to ask?

There is one thing I like about the new i0s7 (besides the looking pretty bit) and that's the new call block feature! I can now block certain numbers from calling me! Now every time I get a political phone call I put that sucker on BLOCK.

Now if I could just figure out how to make my fingers and iphone compatible I'll be all set.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let me tell you what it's like sleeping on a freight train

Ok so I've never actually slept on a train but I'm pretty sure I know how it feels now. Actually I think sleeping on a train might be better than sleeping on my bed at this point.

Now that the weather is getting cooler someone in my building turned their heat on. I don't think it's been cold enough for that but whatever. It would seem our bedroom is right over the burners for our building. More specifically our bed is right over the burners. When one of the burners turns on the whole bed shakes and it makes a really loud and awful sound. It cycles every few minutes. Not once an hour but EVERY FEW MINUTES. Fun times? NO. 

I suggested that we move the bed but Derek pointed out that we don't really have a place to move the bed to. Our bedroom can't be rearranged without looking weird. My "solution" was to buy another rug to put over the existing carpet. (I should mention that ear plugs are out because I can't sleep with them in). The extra rug helps with the vibrations but the sound is still extremely annoying. 

I might lose my mind until next summer. (I'm assuming my freakishly cold neighbors will be using their heat all spring).

Monday, September 23, 2013

Just because

Derek was working late and brought me home flowers for no reason. The first time he gave me flowers I told him that none of my past boyfriends had ever given me flowers. He was surprised, I was not because I dated some real treats before him.

He even suggested his beer stein as a vase because I have no idea what I did with all of my vases during the move.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fried chicken and sushi. Trust me it works.

Sounds like a weird combo but it's delicious. Sorry KFC but Bonchon has the best fried chicken of all time! I'm getting hungry posting this.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I guess I'll take it as a compliment

So apparently there's a janitor at my work who has a crush on me. He asked my co-worker Lilly if I was married. She told him I had a boyfriend. He knows my name but we can't figure out how. I may say hello passing by but I've never introduced myself. I told Derek not to worry, I have no plans on leaving him for a short, middle aged janitor.

As a side note Melissa asked that I clarify that she "did not abandon my bff" she is moving back in March.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Orange is the New Crack

I've been sucked in to Orange is the New Black like everyone else on the planet. It's so good! I love Red and her crazy red hair and Lorna with her red lipstick and accent.

Why is Laura Pepron ruining my life by not returning next season?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The British are coming AGAIN

For the past week or two I've been receiving very cryptic phone calls at work. The person is always British but sometimes it's a man and sometimes it's a woman. The phone call goes something like this.

I'm "the American" in this conversation in case you couldn't figure that out.

The Brit: HELLO! Is Mr. ______ there?

The American: I'm sorry he's in a meeting, can I take a message?

The Brit: Can I ask you something?

The American: Sure....

The Brit: How many people work in your office?

Me: About 20 people-ish.

The Brit: BRILLIANT! Good bye.

Each time they call they ask me a different question about our office. I'm pretty sure they're compiling information to take back Boston. They sound so cherry you'd never expect it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm too young to be feeling nostalgic

I hate when good friends move away. There were many dance parties in Melissa's studio. I don't remember yelling "Philly cheese steak!" but I have been known to make up my own lyrics to Vampire Weekend songs and dancing like a maniac. I also really love steak and cheese.

I've been feeling very nostalgic lately. We're all getting older, moving away, getting married, having kids. Can we pretend it's still 2007 just for a little while?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh my God I can't read

Conversation while watching Catfish.

Girl on Catfish:
Oh my God I can't read!

Me: She can't read?! Oh my God!

Derek: No, she can't BREATHE.

Me: Oh! That makes way more sense. Wait they just pulled up to a trailer.

Girl on Catfish: Oh my God I can't READ!

Me: I swear to God she said she can't read and there's a trailer!

Derek: She had to have said breathe.....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Perks of being an adult

Our plans for Germana's birthday last night got switched up at the last minute due to a crowded restaurant so we ended up at Sunset Grill and Tap for dinner and drinks. I was not complaining because that meant NACHOS FOR DINNER!

I'm a huge supporter of the nacho dinner. Sunset has the best nachos, hands down.

Sunset has 112 beers on tap not to mention the massive amount of bottled beer.

We scarfed down our food and had some drinks before we headed over to Nile Lounge for Andy and Germana's first hookah experience.

We put our name in and went to Shabu Zen near by for some drinks. Photos were taken, boyfriends were photo bombing.

We were waiting for over an hour but we were determined. Nile Lounge is 18+ so there were a lot of college students there. I wanted to pull age rank. "Listen punks, I'm 29, practically your mother's age, now let the old lady have you spot."

When we finally got a table we ordered the Lotus which is a blend of strawberry, white peach and guava. Our fruit bowl choice was mango but we got Sponge Bob's house instead. Sorry Sponge Bob, your home works well with hookah.

The best part of a hookah lounge vs a cigar bar is that everyone is just smoking hookah. Hookah has a much sweeter scent and does not cling to you. I hate leaving a cigar bar reeking of cigars and cigarettes. I don't smoke cigarettes or cigars but I do enjoy some hookah once in a while (at a lounge of course).

Friday, September 13, 2013

A haircut on Newbury Street without breaking the bank

I've been in desperate need of a haircut. I'd been putting it off telling myself I'd make an appointment next week and I just never did it. Weeks turned into months and the situation was becoming unruly. I finally picked up the phone and made an appointment with my usual salon, Back Bay Hair Designs.

I prefer to get my haircut on Newbury Street because it's close to my work and Newbury Street has a ton of salon options. I found Back Bay Hair Designs via yelp and have never been disappointed.

Newbury Street is full of converted brownstones so you'll find many shops and restaurants at basement level as well as street level and above street level. Back Bay Hair Designs is at basement level.

If you're looking for flowing waterfalls behind reception and champagne this place is not for you. I'd recommend G2O for that. I just want my haircut and styled for a good price.

Here's the result.

Rat's nest no more! I love it. My hair feels so much healthier. I always get my haircut by Liz who is very nice and always does exactly what I want. For a cut and blow dry it cost me $48.00. That is unreal for Newbury Street.

I picked a good day to get my hair done. Tonight Derek and I are having sushi with Germana and Andy for Germana's 29th birthday! We are getting old real fast guys. After sushi we're going to a hookah bar. Germana is a hookah bar virgin. I have a feeling she'll like it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Date night at Pour House

Derek and I like to have a mid week date night. It's been a tradition since we first started dating and it's stuck. This week we ended up at Pour House. I love Pour House because it has cheap food and drinks (for Boston) and the food is actually pretty good.

I got the New York Pour Boy which is a double cheese burger with sauteed onions and bacon. The burgers are fairly small at Pour House so I usually get a double burger. If you visit the Pour House on Saturday night they have half priced burgers. It's a steal considering their food is already pretty cheap.

The decor in Pour House is a bit eclectic.

Naked lady painting? Sure, why not. I decided to spare you a photo of the creepy clown thing that was staring at me near our table.

The Pour House can get pretty packed on the weekend so I prefer a week night visit.

My tea is made by tigers

That tiger looks very pleased with his box of tea as he should be, it's delicious. 

I've been trying out new caffeine free teas to mix things up in the morning and so far Bengal Spice is my favorite. I don't even have to add any sugar, I just add milk and lap it up like a baby tiger. Not being able to have caffeine is rough but that doesn't mean I can't have good tea.

Bengal Spice tastes like a Chai tea with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, carob and vanilla. I drink it in the morning but also works well before bed since there is no caffeine.

Purchased for $3.29 at Shaws

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Free showing of The Great Gatsby

If you happen to be in the Back Bay area on Thursday night you might want to stop by the Prudential Center and catch a free showing of The Great Gatsby.

Leonardo DiCaprio, in the South Garden, at sundown. Sounds good to me.

The free viewing is part of Back Bay Night Out where local businesses will be offering special deals and entertainment to lure shoppers and diners to the Back Bay.

Someone needs dental work again

Poor Mr. Binx and my mom's wallet.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Last night we threw a pretty hoppin' house party. We may have gone a little overboard with the snacks and beer but better to have too much than not enough. My homemade guacamole was a hit. I'm going to have to make it more often. People got their drink on that's for sure. There are bottles and cans everywhere and we still have beer left in the fridge.

I may have drank a bit too much and woke up with a raging hangover. I can't remember the last time I was that hungover. It was awful. I forgot to eat dinner last night due to preparing for the party so I'm sure that didn't help the situation. I'm finally feeling better now but it took most of the day.

My two biggest worries about this party were that no one would come or that my cats would get out of the apartment. I've never thrown a party where no one came but I still get worried about that. As for the cats, they are my babies and I warned everyone coming in and out to watch out for my cats and would do a "cat check" about every half hour. They didn't even attempt to make a break for it.

No lost cats, no one vomiting in my house, good times all around. I have a lot of cleaning up to do but that can wait until tomorrow when I feel more like myself.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's getting really emo on the way to this Fall Out Boy concert

So last night I went to a Fall Out Boy concert. The concert was in Lowell which is about a 50 minute drive from Boston. I hate Lowell. The streets are all one ways and split off and it's just not fun to drive in. Hey, when cow paths become streets!

We arrive at the venue with time to park and get inside except that the garage next to the arena was full. We started following other cars to another lot and I was getting super ragey due to an arena worker attempting to direct traffic but he had no idea what he was doing. He had me stop and kept letting cars cut in front of me. By the time I get to the other lot the person ahead of me got the last spot. Thank you venue dude! We then spend the next 15-20 minutes trying to find parking. I was ready to rip someone's head off by the time we actually foud another garage.

Something you may not know about me is that when I get really angry or pissed off I cry. I can't control it, it's just what happens. I guess that's better than being violent and punching walls but it can be a little embarrassing. So here I am walking towards the venue with tears in my eyes because I'm so upset by the ridiculous parking situation. Derek was trying to stay positive while I was just being a raging teary eyed bitch.

We missed Panic at the Disco but made it in time for Fall Out Boy. We had general admission tickets but they weren't letting people onto the floor of the GA area. Apparently Fall Out Boy's people decided there were too many people down there and told us to find somewhere else to go. We didn't have seats though due to the GA tickets so we had to squish in near a railing in the back by concession stands.

Here's my suggestion. Don't sell more GA tickets than you have room for. It's not right to make people stand near the concession stands because the floor is "too full". Not my problem that you oversold.

The concert was just ok. The set list was good but the sound at the venue was awful. The worst was Pete Wentz's random speeches. They were pretty much "I'm just like you guys despite the champagne and rock n roll life style" and "long live punk rock! No one can stop us!". No, you're not just like us Pete Wentz and stop talking about how punk your band is. You're not a punk band.

Then on the way home I honked and almost ran down some college students who decided to hang out in the middle of the street drinking. I laid on my horn and they looked at me very confused. Horn = move out of my way NOW!

After a good nights sleep my mood is much better. My house warming party is tonight and I'm ready to hang out with my friends and drink some dranks. I'm also attempting to make guacamole. If it's good it might be gone by the time the party starts. Oops.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back home

I'm going to miss this little guy.

He's getting so big. He's already potty training and driving.

My trip home went smoothly. No delays on either flight! I did see a woman trying to get though airport security with a ziplock bag filled with ribs and BBQ sauce. It was leaking all over the TSA agent. She was not happy that she had to throw it out. Luckily that was the only drama I witnessed at the airport.

It feels good to be home. I missed you Boston.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Florida views

I'm still in Florida attempting to blog from my Kindle. It's slow going but I'm a dedicated blogger.

I'm back at my brother's house after spending two nights at a time share owned by my sister-in-law's grandfather. We were spoiled. I now want to stay only in presidential suites overlooking the ocean.

The view of Panama City Beach from our balcony.

The view from my bedroom.

The view from the kiddie pool. 

View of the back of the hotel.

View from the more adult pool.

I wish we could have stayed longer but the view from brother's house isn't so bad.

Today we're having a lazy Sunday watching movies and eating food. I miss my boyfriend, my cats and sleep but I'm having fun.